Sustainability Planning for Business Owners

Help with developing and funding your environmental initiatives


Having tangible, visible, measurable and well documented environmental strategies and policies in place for your business can give you a competitive edge.

We help you embrace the sustainability opportunities for your business, helping you realise the intangible benefits as well as the financial ones. Not only will you be doing the right thing for the environment, you’ll be demonstrating your excellent corporate social responsibility values to your customers and your staff.


Plenty of businesses have talked a good environmental or green game for years but the time has come for business owners to get serious about implementing initiatives that make a quantifiable difference to their carbon footprint. Consumers are becoming far more sensitive to environmental issues and are making considered choices about which types of businesses they spend their money with. It’s no longer a choice between profit or ethics: operating in a sustainable way is now simply good business sense.


  • Your customers care: Not just because they’re more likely to spend money with companies that look after the planet, but also because being an environmental champion is great for your brand reputation
  • Your employees also care: Companies that are focus on sustainability are more likely to hire and retain the best talent
  • It’s good for your bottom line: Things like fossil fuels are becoming increasingly expensive and renewable energy sources more cost-effective to maintain, plus as a small business there may be grants, loans and government-sponsored initiatives to help you achieve your sustainability goals

Verde's Sustainability Support

At Verde Business Solutions we have particular expertise in supporting small business owners with their sustainability goals. Even if you don’t have any specific plans or initiatives in mind right now, talk to us anyway since we’re sure to light the environmental spark for you!

Our approach is first of all to help you understand what operating in a sustainable way could mean for your business. Then we’ll audit your current business processes and help you set your goals and long-term sustainability commitments.


Last but not least we’ll help identify what funding is available to you right now. This could range from paying towards new energy-efficient equipment to awards that you can apply for to boost your marketing and PR efforts. Applying for funding may appear daunting, but we have many years’ experience helping business owners do just that and we’ll be there with you every step of the way. 


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