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Support with Starting a New Business

Where do good business ideas come from?

New businesses are not created overnight. A new business needs passion, determination, focus, time and planning. And a great idea.


Whether you want a lifestyle-type business, or to make some money on the side while the kids are at school, or you want to be the next Bill Gates, it’s vital that you clarify your business idea first and make sure there’s a market for it.


Your business idea can be anything, and the best ideas are the ones that solve a problem and are a reflection on you – the entrepreneur. It’s your belief in your idea, its uniqueness, and its ability to make your customers’ lives better that will make you successful.


Where are you now?

Where are you right now with bringing your business idea to life? Do you have the proposition worked out already, or are you still patiently waiting for the right idea to ‘pop up’ in your head? Or do you have an idea but you’re not quite sure if it’s a profitable one or not?


That’s OK! Wherever you are, now is exactly the right time to get independent business advice from someone like me who has helped lots of entrepreneurs start up lots of different businesses. Because I can help you make the most of your idea by clarifying it, articulating it, identifying areas you might have missed, pointing you in the right direction and crystallising the customer proposition.

Why work with a start-up business adviser?

The best thing about working with me as you begin your business start-up journey isn’t just my 1-2-1 support and mentoring, but also my ability to keep you motivated and focused. I’ll take you through our tried and tested business start-up process that will be tailored to your needs and your ideas. Together we’ll analyse the viability of your business and the Verde team will step in with just the right training, business tools, research and mentoring support when you need it.


Here’s a little preview of what to expect when working with Verde on your start-up business:

Step 1: Listen and research the viability of your idea

Step 2: Work out what barriers you need to overcome to start your business

Step 3: Develop your Verde Business Solution Plan

Step 4: Implement your plan with our support

Step 5: Start your business


That final step is exciting isn’t it? Just imagine the day when you can finally say “This is my business and it’s open!”. Working with Verde Business Solutions we’ll get you to that stage carefully and methodically, considering every aspect of your business and giving you the best chance of success. 


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